Our Mission:

Create a unifying branded culture that empowers individuals and unites societies all over the world.

Our vision:

Be home for artists and trendsetters; the ‘real-life unicorns’ of the world.

About the Brand

The Unicornaire brand got its name by combining two words ‘unicorn’ and ‘extraordinaire;’ it defines itself by finding, empowering, and celebrating unique individuals and individuality. Putting people before products, Unicornaire promotes a lifestyle, an identity, and a culture. This is done by injecting creativity and excitement in everything we do.

We* aim to work with innovators to create items for the exclusive (this includes you). Unicornaire lines will include apparel, footwear, fragrance, fashion accessories, and tech and gaming gadgets. The items will be designed by independent and rising stars in the industry who we call ‘real unicorns.’

*Cosmopolitan group of young, multi-talented artists, fashion designers, musicians, and lifestyle influencers.

What We Look For

We are looking for unicorns, and by unicorns, we mean innovators who want to make a difference in the world and have a strong sense of self-worth. Our community of artists, designers, and influencers is joined by the same cause, to create a generation devoid of labels. This positive impact starts at the individual level, and that’s who we are rooting for, the individual.

Unicornaire Team

“Creativity Takes Courage” – Henri Matisse

The Unicornaire core team members are not only producers but also detectors of great talents. The best words to describe ourselves would be organized, trend-hunting hypebeasts. So yeah, we are in the loop in the art scene, what’s cool and exciting, and we present it to the world.
The extended team members are the real unicorns may they be artists, fashion designers, musicians or lifestyle influencers. If that’s you, then why don’t you contact our team and let’s create something remarkable together?

Send your contact details and portfolio to the following email: [email protected]

Our Story

Salem Lohaiby knew deep inside that lifestyle trends of a population originated by the bold moves of the few who just wanted to make a statement. These unique individuals took the first steps in becoming unapologetic stylish artists. A diamond in the rough if you may… a unicorn waiting to be discovered. He made it his purpose to bring out and amplify such gifted people, a talent extraordinaire! It was time to turn his passion for unicorns into a brand.

The inception of Unicornaire idea took place in 2016. Since then, we noticed that creative individuals need to have a sense of belonging to keep providing their art to the world. With everything being commoditized, comes a demand for high-touch brands. When it comes to the realm of art, fashion, and trendsetting, the rules are now created not by the manufacturers but by the consumers.

Therefore, Unicornaire is about letting those who stand out from the crowd know that they are not only unique but also not alone. A brand that celebrates the individuals for who they are and not for their backgrounds, characters or labels. By empowering them, we create a unifying global culture that empowers individuals and unite societies.

This is our story.

We want to hear yours.


Message from the Founder

We desire to realize a unique vision and be a cultural pioneer, promoting individuality, providing new options, and creating something with imaginative and enduring value. We aim to capitalize on the unicorn’s exceptional symbolism, challenging the current perception of the unicorn by making it inclusive for adults, especially men, and to expand on the current global unicorn trend, through our self-declared unicorn gesture, and take it to a whole other level by making it part of the global pop culture.

Salem Lohaiby

Salem Lohaiby pursued his education in business. Majoring in Marketing, he received a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania. He also picked up additional skills from various institutes such as Leading People and Teams Specialization from the University of Michigan, and Cultural Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, both located in the US.

Lohaiby founded Unicornaire, making it a community-powered lifestyle brand. The brand capitalizes on the unicorn archetype for the magical, exciting, rare, and somewhat mysterious. Being an avid reader of fantasy, Lohaiby sees that unicorns are the perfect example of finesse as well as a great asset if discovered. Driven by passion in creating Unicornaire, Lohaiby continued arming himself with knowledge from Europe’s leading schools in the relevant subject matter.

He completed the coursework for Brand and Product Management in the IE Business School in Spain, and Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies from the University of Bocconi in Italy. To be a marketer today, Lohaiby invested in his literacy in digital marketing by bettering his understanding in Content Marketing and Inbound Sales from the HubSpot Academy and Advanced Social Media Strategy from Hootsuite Academy as well.

The logo

The Unicornaire logo was inspired by a silhouette of its founder and head designer Salem Lohaiby. The image is him posing with the unicorn gesture. The message behind it is that you do not need to wait for others to consider you a creative artist or a unicorn, it is something that is self-declared. The brand is about individuals showing their confidence, self-esteem, authenticity, and pride in one’s performance and accomplishment.

The photograph which the logo is drawn upon is one of 200 selfies taken by Lohaiby. It was, until he found what he was looking for, a proportional logo that follows the golden ratio. The mathematics behind a universally great design is the perfect theme to live by.

The logo also exemplifies the individual who wants to be a unicorn. It recognizes the intrinsic force to do good and leave a mark in the world. It pushes us to become catalysts for something amazing. It is a story that everyone relates to.