Unicorns are the epicenter to the brand mainly by what it represents in different cultures. What they all share is their opinion of this creature for being fierce and elusive yet can be tamed and nurtured by a select few. This symbol appears in different contexts but the one that we could relate to is how our community sees itself versus how others perceive it. A great quote from Jackson Pollock explains it better “Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” There are great talents out there that are isolated. We are all about bringing them to light.

The unicorn trend has been widely-spread over the past period. May it be unicorn Frappuccino, nails, hair or makeup, this mythical creature found its way to our hearts. Now, we are benefiting from this rising trend. Breaking the unicorn’s ties with femininity is vital to us, because it can also be inclusive to the male figure.

The Unicornaire culture is nurturing the following values with all who join our movement. Unicornaire values are:

Creativity: Dare to be innovative, imaginative, expressive, and authentic in everything you do.

Uniqueness: The world needs you to be you.

Motivation: Let the challenge of defying self-imposed limitations be your motivation.

Unity: Be compassionate of others and always advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Excitement: The world is more colorful when you are excited.