#Name Not Label

#Name Not Label

Unicornaire offers an exceptional social identity to young individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. Other than crowd collaborated lifestyle products, the brand stages live vibrant events and leads a global unifying social movement.

We live each day to fulfill our brand’s purpose: To unify people from all backgrounds and cultures in one movement and to spread unity, peace, and positivity in the world.

Embracing our different cultures should be looked at as a boon for humankind and as a sign of our creativity and the cultural richness of humanity. This is our chance to leave behind the differences caused by racism, hatred, and discrimination against people of different religion, ethnicity, identity, and background.

The essence of Unicornaire movement lies in our desire to use names instead of labels. Labeling and categorizing people act as a wall that divides us. Rather, names are bridges which connect us together.

Both the movement and the brand purpose complete each other. To learn more, check out the Unicornaire movement hashtag #NameNotLabel