The brand’s unicorn gesture is the underlying wow-factor and crown jewel. It speaks volumes about the person posing it. They are self-declared and not waiting for anyone to label them as cool. Comfortable in their own skin and know that it is their authenticity that makes them memorable and relevant. What it means is not the same as how it makes people feel. It is different with everyone and that’s the beauty of it.


Step 1: Hold the base of your thumb against your forehead.

Step 2: Extend your thumb upwards simultaneous point both index and middle fingers forward.

Step 3: Strike a pose!

The gesture symbolizes the movement towards individuality and a reminder that differences should be appreciated rather than criticized. Unicorn gesture shows one’s identity as a part of a unique urban community. Not only does it celebrate one’s victories but also salute people’s success as a sign of respect and appreciation.

Unicornaire founder, Salem Lohaiby, came up with the gesture making it the crown jewel of the brand. Being dynamic and bold, Unicornaire made the gesture into its brand logo.

join the movement. Take a selfie of you posing the unicorn gesture. Share it on Instagram while mentioning us @Unicornaire.